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Whether you need to travel for work or pleasure, leaving your cat for a few days or a few weeks can cause a little stress and anxiety. Finding the right home-away-from-home for your little feline friend will help you to relax and enjoy your trip a whole lot more. There are many boarding services for cats, but it’s important to find one that understands your pet’s unique feline personality and can offer the exact care they need and deserve. Railway Avenue Veterinary Hospital is the local Armadale vet clinic offering a premium cat-boarding service run by a friendly team of animal-lovers who will treat your cat as if it’s their own! If you are searching for a cat boarding facility, here’s a few things to look out for.

A Spacious, Safe and Clean Environment

Your pet deserves much more than just a cage. Cats prefer an area from which they can survey their environment whilst relax in the security of their own territory.

When researching a cat boarding facility, you should ask:

  • How often do the enclosures get cleaned? Will they also be disinfected?
  • Is there an exercise area? This provides safe interaction for those cats that enjoy the company of other cats and can bring lots of enjoyment to experience.
  • What bedding is provided? If you would prefer to bring your pet’s own bedding and toys to help them settle into the new environment, ask if this is allowed.
  • Is the environment climate controlled? This is very important for the well-being of your cat.
  • Is the enclosure safe? There should be no dangerous objects, nowhere your pet could hurt itself, and nowhere they can escape.
  • Does the enclosure have enough space to allow your pet to turn around, move, stretch, and fully rest?
  • Is the litter box private? Sharing a litter tray is very unhygienic and may expose your cat to diseases.

Vaccinations and Worming

Any high-quality, professional cattery should ask for vaccination certificates and discuss when your cat was last given a worming treatment. The cat flu vaccination should be given annually to provide the best chance of keeping your cat healthy and this is especially important if they regularly attend a boarding facility. An all-wormer prevention should also be given within 3 months prior to their stay

Medical Emergencies and Treatment

In the unlikely event that your cat needs urgent medical attention while out of your care, you should ask the provider:

  • What protocols and procedures are in place to manage medical emergencies? Most boarding companies have a relationship with a vet that is in close proximity to the facility. At Railway Ave Vet Hospital, our boarding facility is part of our veterinary centre, meaning a qualified and experienced vet is on site and can attend to any medical emergency efficiently and effectively.
  • How will costs will be managed for medical treatment?
  • How quickly will I be notified if my pet needs medical attention?

High-Quality Food

Good boarding facilities for cats should offer the same or better quality of food that you provide at home. A cattery that is part of a vet surgery (such as Railway Avenue Veterinary Hospital) will only feed your cat premium food. You should ask how often cats are fed and at what times, and if your pet has any allergies or dietary requirements you should make sure these can be accommodated.

Happy Guests

When researching a cattery, visiting the centre will allow you to see if the cats in attendance appear happy and content. If the boarding cats are purring and resting comfortably, that’s a sign of a fantastic facility. When wondering through, if there are a few cats which appear anxious or stressed, observe how the staff handle them – if they give them attention and cuddles you can rest assured your pet will be well cared for if they become stressed or homesick.

Friendly Staff

It’s important to leave your beloved cat in the hands of staff that will go the extra mile to make it feel loved, happy, and comfortable during its stay. As the local Armadale vet clinic with a reputation for excellence in pet care, you can be sure that the staff in our cat boarding centre will do their utmost to give your cat the care it deserves and ensure a pleasant and comfortable stay. As cat lovers ourselves, your cat will be cuddled and cared for just like at home.

Find Out More About Cat Boarding Today

High-quality facilities with expert staff book out months in advance, so if you are planning a trip make sure you get in touch with us soon to ensure you don’t miss out on a spot. Your cat will feel so at home in our luxurious, air-conditioned, clean, and spacious facility they may never want to leave!

To find out more or arrange cat boarding, contact us today by calling 08 9497 1547. Railway Ave Veterinary Hospital – the vets Armadale pet owners know and trust.  

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