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Whether you are planning to bring your kitty along on a road trip or you just want to ensure regular rides to the vet are a pleasant experience for your feline friend, there are a few ways to make car travel a more enjoyable experience. For the best cat care, Armadale is home to Railway Avenue Veterinary Hospital. Offering comprehensive veterinary services and boarding services for cats, we understand that many pet owners are apprehensive about car trips with their cat companions. So, here’s a few tips to make the whole experience safe and pleasant no matter how far you have to drive.

Familiarise Your Cat with the Car

From a young age, you should try to ensure your cat has a positive association with your car. Cats are highly sensitive to the environment and feel secure in their own territory, which is why they prefer staying at home in familiar surroundings. Allow your cat to roam around inside your car, cheek rub and spread their scent to mark their personal territory. Reassure it in a calm tone that they are safe in the car. Doing this will help them to feel more relaxed and happier whenever they enter the vehicle. Just remember to keep the windows and doors closed and remain inside with your puss at all times. 

Kittens and Cats Should Ride Inside an Appropriate Carrier

A comfy carrier or crate is essential for containing your kitty for the duration of the trip. Ensure it is the right size for your pet – it must have enough room to move but not be too big that your cat feels exposed or is easily bumped around. You should introduce your cat to its carrier at a young age, or a while before a long journey. Place their favourite blanket and toys inside and get them used to being in it so they are happy when its time to travel. A carrier is not only required for the comfort of your cat, but also for their safety. A pet that is not restrained can easily become injured in the event of sudden braking or an accident.

Plan Long Journeys in Advance and Take Regular Breaks

For lengthy trips, plan your route and try to incorporate plenty of places to stop and let your cat out of their crate to stretch their legs, have a drink of water, use the litter box, and have some cuddle time. If you want to let them out of the car, you can use a cat harness and lead so that they can get some fresh air. Just remember, when taking a break, never leave your cat alone in the car!

Ensure Your Cat is Microchipped

Microchipping your cat is a necessity for everyday life, however, it is especially important if you frequently travel with them. While your cat will be transported in a crate, if they happen to break free along your journey or at your destination, you will have the peace of mind that they will be easily identifiable and will be returned to you. As a leading Armadale-Byford vet, we can help with all your pet care needs including pain-free microchipping, vaccinations and more. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Bring A Litter Tray

Especially vital for longer drives, a litter tray with easily disposable litter will ensure your cat has a place to relive themselves whenever you stop for a break. Place it in a convenient place when you have a rest stop and disposed of it in a suitable bin as you travel.

Consider the Temperature Inside the Car

Ensure air circulates around your pets carrier to avoid them overheating on the journey. Cats have a natural fur coat and can easily warm up whilst in a confined space such as a carrier. If you are travelling in hot conditions use ice packs wrapped in towels placed around the crate to keep your kitty cool.

Need More Advice? Ask Your Local Armadale Vet

If you would like expert advice on travelling with your cat, or if you are looking for a caring, compassionate, and experienced vet to look after the health needs of your feline friend, Railway Avenue Vet Armadale has a long-standing reputation for providing the highest level of pet care possible. From desexing and dental care to boarding and cat grooming, Kelmscott, Armadale, Byford, and Roleystone locals trust us every time. Book an appointment online now or call our clinic today on (08) 9497 1547.

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