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At Railway Avenue Veterinary Hospital, we are the local vet Roleystone pet owners trust for professional veterinary services. We take a special interest in the overall health of your pet, this includes everything from regular vaccinations to critical care. Our experienced veterinarians will keep you fully informed on what your pet requires, and importantly, why they need it. This includes how much exercise your dog requires. When you book your puppy in for their first vaccinations it is highly recommended you discuss with your veterinarian their short and long term exercise needs. Puppies for example, while a bundle of energy do not require too much physical exercise as this can actually damage developing joints and cause early arthritis. You need to also take into consideration the breed of your puppy for a longer term exercise schedule too. Read on for a breakdown of how much exercise you should give your four-legged friend.


Exercising a puppy should begin with small sessions of exercise, but these should be restricted to the backyard. An easy 10-minute walk on a lead daily is recommended, building up by 5 minutes each month. It is highly recommended puppy pre-school classes be attended by all pups, these are ideal for puppies between 8-16 weeks and ensure he or she is well socialised and becomes a happy, well balanced and enjoyable companion. Socialisation is the most important part of pre-school where puppies learn to interact with other dogs without being afraid or aggressive. They are also taught the five basic commands including:

  • Sit
  • Drop
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Heel

This period is the most important time to socialise your puppy to ensure he or she is ready for all future exercise. As a trusted Armadale vet, Railway Ave Vet Clinic offers puppy pre-school classes at a range of convenient times, contact us to find out more.

Adult Dogs

Did you know, the average human needs 30 minutes of exercise daily to maintain a healthy weight? Well, dogs also require between 30-60 minutes of exercise daily to maintain their weight, but daily exercise is also needed for your dog’s mental stimulation. Should you feel unable to keep up with your dog for this amount of time, dog parks are an excellent, safe space where you can let your pooch of their lead so they burn energy by running and playing with other pups. Another alternative can be games like fetch, where it is much less strenuous on you, but a very good workout for your dog.

Senior Dogs

Like humans, our furry friends do slow down as they get older. This doesn’t mean that they don’t need exercise. It just means your loyal friend will probably be unable to join you on long, strenuous walks and runs like they used to. It is still critical to maintain a daily exercise routine for your senior dog, even if reduced. Things to consider may be a couple of shorter sessions daily, or some low impact activities like swimming.

The Amount of Exercise Required Also Depends On Breed

When you first select your puppy you do really need to consider how active you are, and if you can provide the required exercise for your loved one. Sporting and working dogs, like Border Collies and Labrador Retrievers should have around 90 minutes of exercise daily, while flat nosed dogs like Pugs and Bulldogs require far less. Your local Byford Vet Centre can always recommend the right amount of activity for your unique dog.

Not Exercising Your Dog Enough?

A lack of exercise can lead to a huge list of health problems for your dog. Overweight dogs can suffer from diabetes, heart disease and respiratory disease. Overweight dogs are also far more prone to joint issues, mobility issues and skin disorders. In addition to all of these, an underactive dog is an under stimulated dog and this can lead to behavioural issues such as digging up your back yard, chewing on things and excessive barking.

At Railway Avenue Veterinary Hospital, we want your dogs to be happy and healthy, and we understand your pet is a much-loved member of your family. For expert advice and assistance on the best exercise program for your pet get in touch us today by calling (08) 9497 1547, or book an appointment online.

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