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Regularly washing your canine companion will not only keep him smelling fresh and looking fine, but it will help him to a live a long and happy life, free from fleas, ticks, and skin irritations. However, while most pet owners understand that a dog-specific shampoo must be used (and not a human shampoo), many don’t realise that it’s also vital to choose a dog wash that suits their pups unique skin and coat type. Whether you have pooch with a long, short, curly, fluffy, or scruffy coat, here’s a few things to consider that may help you select the right shampoo for your pooch’s next pamper session.

Skin Conditions

If your dog has any skin conditions, such as dermatitis, hot spots, or sensitivity, it’s important to look for a shampoo that doesn’t include any ingredients which will irritate their skin. Shampoos specifically designed for sensitive skin and those with hypoallergenic properties that will soothe irritation and reduce itchiness will be the best choice. For allergy-prone pups, look for shampoos which contain soothing ingredients such as oatmeal, aloe vera, and chamomile. For most skin conditions, a moisturising shampoo will help keep skin supple, and a formulation containing antibacterial capabilities will eliminate harmful germs, preventing inflamed or irritated skin from becoming infected. If you have any questions about choosing a shampoo to suit your pup’s skin, consult your local Mount Richon vets.


If your dog has fleas, or if you are looking to prevent them from nestling into the depths of your dog’s coat, a flea and tick shampoo is a great choice. These shampoos contain ingredients that will kill fleas and ticks on contact, and also help to prevent future flea infestations.


Some dog breeds are prone to having an unpleasant odour more than others. If your furry friend is a little ‘on the nose’, a dog wash containing tea tree oil is a good choice. Tea tree has antibacterial properties which help to fight odour-causing microbes. It’s also important to think about the scent of the shampoo you select. You may be tempted to choose a strong scent to help rid your pooch of it’s unpleasant smell, but some strong fragrances can be unsettling for certain dogs and may bother their delicate sense of smell.

Coat Characteristics

One of the most important considerations when choosing a dog shampoo is the type of coat they have. Short-coated pooches can typically use most dog shampoos, while long-coated canines need a conditioning shampoo that will help to keep them shiny, and tangle-free. For oily coats, look for a clarifying shampoo with a high dilution scale (10:1 or higher). Coarse or rough textured coats require a concentrated shampoo specifically designed for bristly fur, as this will add texture, body, and shine without over-softening the coat. If shedding is a major concern, there are shampoos available to help control it. Look for a wash formulated with organic oils as this can help repair damaged skin and nourish and strengthen the coat.

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When you are searching for a pet shampoo, always look for one that is toxin-free, free of sulphates and parabens and opt for one that best suits your dog’s skin and coat. Importantly, always read the directions on the bottle and use only as directed. Of you need expert advice on grooming your pup, get in touch with the vets Byford locals know and trust – Railway Avenue Veterinary Hospital. Book an appointment online now or call us today on 08 9497 1547. We also offer professional pet grooming that will leave your pup looking and feeling its very best!

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