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Railway Avenue Veterinary Hospital is a trusted choice for cat boarding in Armadale, and we pride ourselves on providing a high level of care, love and attention so that every cat has a pleasant stay at our luxurious air-conditioned indoor boarding facility. Cats are traditionally a little fussier than dogs when it comes to boarding and can find it challenging to adjust to their new surroundings. However, our experienced staff are aware of the anxiety that both you and your cat may feel and will do everything they can to ensure your cat enjoys their holiday away from home. We are often asked if there is anything that a pet owner can do to help make the transition to boarding easier, so here’s a few of our recommendations to ensure your cat is safe and comfortable from the moment they leave home until the moment they are reunited with you.

Make Sure You Cat Is Up-to-Date with Vaccinations

The first and most important thing before booking your cat in for boarding is to ensure your cat is up to date with all of their vaccinations. In particular, feline enteritis and cat flu – most boarding facilities will request proof of these vaccinations. If your feline friend requires a vaccination before boarding, you will need to wait 2 weeks post vaccination before they can stay at a boarding facility.

Consider Your Journey

Cats are well known for a dislike of travelling and the entire process can place them under a great deal of stress. It is highly recommended that you train your cat to be comfortable in a crate for a few months prior to their stay. This may involve a gradual exposure technique where you slowly increase its time spent in a crate in your own home, in it’s on familiar surrounds, so it can get used to spending lengthy periods of time in an enclosed space.

Feeding Time

Boarding facilities typically have a scheduled feeding time/s for the pets it is housing. It is highly recommended that prior to bringing in your cat, that you try to get your cat on the same feeding time schedule. Routine set meal times will go a long way to prepare your cat for a comfortable boarding stay.

Discuss Your Cats Personality with Staff

Cats all have different personalities, there’s some that love attention and play time while others are independent and like to be left alone. Staff at our cat boarding facilities are loving and compassionate pet-owners themselves, and they will be more than happy to discuss your cat’s personality with you to determine the best way of interacting with and caring for them. The more that staff know about your cat and its preferences, the more they can do to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Place an Unwashed Item of Your Clothing in Your Cats Carrier

This will give your cat a constant smell and reminder of you and provide a calming influence. In addition, upon pick up, the same scent and return home will assist them get reacquainted with their home environment again too.

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye can be a difficult experience for both you and your cat. You need to make it as calm as possible, as cats can pick up on emotions and this can cause them to become anxious and stressed. Give them a quick cuddle or pat, reassure them that you will be back and then leave without fussing.

For Caring and Compassionate Cat Boarding, Byford and Armadale Locals Rely On Us

At Railway Avenue Veterinary Hospital, we want your cat to enjoy it’s boarding experience with us. We provide a safe and welcoming environment and our staff go above and beyond to treat your cat as if it is their own. For expert advice and assistance on cat boarding or to make a booking at our facility, get in touch with us on (08) 9497 1547 or enquire online now. As a full-service veterinary centre, we can also help with vaccinations or general health advice to ensure your beloved pet is safe, happy and healthy all year round.

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